Betsy Ross

This writing is about my opinion on who made the U.S.A. flag. I believe that  a women named Betsy Ross made our flag. I think she made it because she has had some flag making skills and her husband who was a gruard knew Washington  but was sadly killed on duty. There are some notes from relatives  saying that she had made our flag as well the two recipes one from a naval flag and the other was rejected. Some people might not believe me because they have a different story but that is mine.

Gift Of Reading


Martin Luther King Jr. is a man who wanted to end the separation of race. He once had a quote that might still be around “Darkness can’t drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate canon’t drive out hate, only love can do that.” by Martin Luther King Jr. . On MLK Day we should all be apart of a service project. We should do this not only because it’s the right thing to do because of how Martin Luther look up to his town to stop the separation or race.

What I did for MLK Day is I helped my family by watching my little sister so they could cook or do something else and have a little bit of alone time. So that is what i did for MLK Day.

Plymouth or Jamestown

If I had to chose to go to the Plymouth or James town I would have to go with Plymouth because they were friends with natives and  Jamestown was not as close to them.  Plymouth came for freedom to worship and business venture. In my mind I think Plymouth came for a better reason. At first half of Plymouth’s settlers died within 3 long hard mouths. Some got diseases and died others died from hunger. A indian named Samoset welcomed the Pilgrims to the Wampanoag tribe. He also introduced them to another indian named Squanto who showed them how to hunt and fish so they could stay alive and have food. This is why I would chose Plymouth.

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